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Welcome to Aimie Smith Personal Training!

My name is Aimie and I love all things health & fitness, promoting happiness and well-being through Exercise, Functional Movement and Bio-mechanics, Meditation,Pilates, The Emotion Code, Yoga and generally sharing my knowledge with you to help you to become the happiest and healthiest you have ever been.

So how can I help you?

Based in Coogee, Sydney I offer

• One-on-one personal training sessions
• Private group training sessions (usually a maximum of 2-3 people)
• Coaching
• Functional Pilates
• 3D Yoga

• NEW – The Emotion Code

I have over 12 years’ experience as a personal trainer and have successfully run my own studio in the UK for the past 8 years before moving to Australia.

I have trained all types of clients, including those looking to get healthier and lose some weight to stuntmen training for Hollywood blockbusters! I particularly focus on ‘functional movement’ training which basically means I can assess and evaluate your movements during sessions to advise and guide you on the optimum way to exercise and move for an extremely efficient way to benefit from exercise.

I’ve spent years studying the incredible way the body moves and how to get the best results in a fun and enjoyable way! Looking at the biomechanics of your body in this way means that you can achieve your best results! I learnt the benefits of functional movement first hand as I used to get a lot of lower back pain and had very heavy legs… which I was able to reduce and eventually eradicate through functional movement.

So what can I offer you?

My training is simple, friendly and tailored to your specific needs. You have the option of individual personal training sessions or attending small classes which allows me to focus on you as an individual, motivate and guide you in a fun and engaging way to help you achieve your particular goals.

Whether it be to lose weight, tone up, become healthier, get fitter or a combination of all of those goals, we can do it together.

So please give me a call or send me an email and we can discuss your goals and how best to achieve them!