Mobility Classes at Fitness First Spring Street Sydney

I am really excited to announce that on Tuesday 11th June I will be running mobility classes at Fitness First Spring Street in Bondi Junction.

We will start with two classes:

7 am and 10 am Tuesday 11th ongoing each week

The classes are for all ages and levels. The classes will follow a 4-week plan that will be adapted for each individual dependant on needs. With a new program every 4 weeks. Our goals:

  •   Improve Mobility And Total Body Movement
  •   Improve Strength
  •   Feel Better For Daily Life

    “Aimie specialises in a holistic approach to movement and over the past 15 years has worked with clients ranging from Hollywood Stuntmen and professional sports people needing rehab and programs to support their intense workloads to seniors who have done little to no exercise previously – and everyone in-between.”

    These classes are perfect for anyone who wants to move and feel better! Spaces are limited, so get in touch to book your spot!

What Emotional State Do You Live In?

Over the past 3 years, I’ve been using The Emotion Code on myself, my friends and family and amazing clients after spending years and years searching for answers to my own symptoms and issues my clients, family and friends were facing.

To begin with, I was sceptical, coming from a very science-based functional movement background I found it challenging to get my head around, but as results kept showing positive change I was totally blown away! I use The Emotion Code on a daily basis on myself and my clients. It, just like exercise, meditation and good nutrition is something I see as essential for me, my family, friends and clients to feel good every day.

The chart attached shows 60 emotions that can become trapped in the body and can cause a change in emotional state, physical pain and many other symptoms. These emotions are very simple and easy to find and release.

As an Emotion Code Practitioner, I have used this with clients to help the body heal itself from headaches, sciatica, knee pain, heel pain, shoulder pain, neck pain and misalignment, anxiety, coughs, IBS, and even helping people to easily quit addictions like smoking, overeating and much more.

You see when it comes to health goals or any goal we have in life a big thing that stops many of us from easily succeeding is our emotional state and beliefs about ourselves and the world around us.

Health is so much more than just looking good, we need to move every day and eat nourishing foods and drink plenty of water, and have a purpose, yet there are people who do all these things and still don’t feel well, or healthy or energetic or get the results they want.

For me, The Emotion Code has been a massive tool to help people feel better and achieve their goals.

If you’d like any more information or a complimentary 20-minute consultation please get in touch via email

Have a beautiful day and I wish you all the best of health!

Aimie x x x

Let’s talk about Lungs

Our bodies are amazing! With all of our bones, muscles, organs, glands and every other system all working together without us having to think about any of it!

Today I want to share with you some interesting information about our awesome lungs… in Chinese medicine each organ and gland are lovely naked with different emotions, the lungs are linked with grief, rejection, sadness, sorrow and self-abuse (you can see all the emotions on the next slide) When my Nan passed away my Dad, Grandad and myself all had coughs that lasted 8-12 weeks.
The lungs are linked with the deltoid (shoulder) muscles, Coracobrachialis (tiny muscle in the shoulder)muscle and the Serratus Anterior (muscles around the rib cage) muscles.

When we have emotions that become trapped in the body or not fully expressed, our health can suffer, our muscles might be tight or may be prone to injury or discomfort.

Using the Emotion Code and Body Code we are able to use applied Kinesiology testing to find and easily release these trapped emotions, allowing the body to heal itself.

My first experience of this was about 3 years ago, I had a locked jaw for 2 weeks and nothing I had tried was helping. Until I had a Bodycode session, among other things I had trapped emotions in my left lung, which when released gave instant relief to my jaw, the pain melted away and I could move my mouth easily again. From that day on I was obsessed with using the Emotion Code and Body Code to help my personal training clients to become totally pain-free!

I’ll continue to post more information for you guys as this has been a life-changing addition to what I am able to do with my clients, family and friends to help them feel better and live!

When looking at the lungs I have to talk to you about the benefits of breath work. When we are under pressure or stress, our breath becomes shallow and we are unable to fully fill our lungs with oxygen which is the most important thing for our bodies! I’ll post a few different ways to help with breath work this week, my favourites are alternate nostril breathing and square breathing, looking forward to sharing this with you!

Have a beautiful day and keep breathing!! x x x

Emotion Code

Wow, what a week! I am constantly impressed with how well The Emotion Code and Body Code works with clients, this week I had a session with my lovely Nan, who had been experiencing pain in her face for a few weeks, in just 20 minutes we had released 73% of the underlying imbalances that were contributing to this pain and it had disappeared!

In The Body Code System, it took us straight to the 2 temporal bones in my Nan’s head that were unhappy, we released the appropriate emotions and hey presto, the pain was gone! This week we will just finish releasing the leftover 27% of imbalances, to reduce any risk of it returning.

For more info please check out

Here are the first 25 minutes of The E-motion Movie, I hope you enjoy!

E-motion Movie

Nearly 4 years ago I watched this documentary and I felt so excited to be able to help the handful of clients who really suffered from pain, that we hadn’t resolved with movement. Two and a half years ago I became an Emotion Code Practitioner and have used this with so many of my personal training clients and, friends, family and Emotion code clients and the results have been truly amazing!

Getting rid of Sciatica, Migraines, chest pain, shoulder stiffness, IBS, helping people lose weight, 7 years of knee pain gone in one session, the results are fantastic!

I’d definitely recommend watching this movie to learn more!

If you’d like a session please get in touch and we can get you booked in!

Have a beautiful day! x x x

Case Study – From Feeling Dreadful To Having Energy In 2 Sessions

On 9th May I had an Emotion Code session with one of my lovely clients and she told me she had just been feeling really down for the past few weeks, had no energy, no get up and go, had a headache that had been there for a week or so, legs were aching, and just felt drained all the time and this had been going on for weeks and she needed some help.

So we simply asked her subconscious if there were any trapped emotions causing the symptoms, there were, so we started releasing…

Firstly, there was a positive statement that was inhibited from being true because of some trapped emotions, the statement we needed to make true for my client was ‘I am worthy of Happiness’ this was untrue for her at that moment because the energy of old trapped emotions were getting in the way, her body was stuck in the past.

So we got to work… We will call my client Angela today, so Angela’s trapped emotions that came up to be released were predominantly in her Thymus gland and were mainly the emotion of ‘overwhelm ‘ and feeling ‘unworthy’, which she knew well. We released 40 emotions in total and the statement ‘I am worthy of Happiness’ then tested as true for her.

We also asked what percentage of underlying imbalances we had released in that session and we had shifted 34% of the total emotional cause, which let us know that 2 more sessions should do the trick.

Angela said she felt a little bit better and we booked her in for her second session two days later.

When Angela answered my call on Friday, our second session, she sounded like a weight had been lifted! She told me that she had felt progressively better and better after our session and the pain had gone and she had been excited to get back to her gardening. When I asked specifically what felt different her answer took me pleasantly by surprise, she said,’my whole being just feels better’ we continued to release the next batch of emotions and she was eager to get going with her day, a total shift from 2 days ago.

We completed Angela’s 3rd session on Monday and she felt incredible, she had a great weekend and felt like herself again, positive, uplifted and looking forward to the future!

Angela said ‘Aimie you are a little miracle worker, I feel so much better!!! Yesterday felt a lot better and today even better than that, my whole being just feels better’

I feel so lucky to have found this amazing tool and that I’m able to help all these incredible people to live a life that feels as good as possible!

If you would like any more info on releasing emotions please click this link EMOTION CODE and to book a session simply email me at

Wishing you all a beautiful day and the ability to see all the potential around you!

Love Aimie x x x

When something knocks us off course…

Hey guys!

Today I want to share with you one of my own experiences using the Body Code and Abundance code on myself…

This week I’d been feeling like I was rocking life, I was getting everything I wanted to do done and more! My own exercise is fantastic and I’ve started a new course and I felt like nothing could shake me, I was unstoppable….

Until I had an interaction with someone that bought up these horrible feelings of tightness in my chest, head and jaw, breathing felt harder and like I couldn’t get a full breath, I felt really lonely all of a sudden and like I had done something wrong, which then bought up sadness, I felt unworthy of my goals, like ‘who I am to do this’, my face dropped, my chest fell and my stomach felt full of acid. I was shocked by the complete 180 I was experiencing! How could I have felt on top of the world 5 minutes before?

Light bulb moment…. Of course!!! Trapped Emotions!!!!

So I grabbed my laptop and got to work releasing (to find out more about the emotion code click here )and these were the things I had to work on…

I had some beliefs that were limiting that needed shifting and getting rid of and some positive beliefs missing…

I am worthy of happiness – this was being inhibited of being true by trapped emotions of feeling ‘forlorn’, a deep sadness at age 16, so I released the emotions getting in the way and felt a slight ease in my body!
I can’t have what I want – was linked to trapped emotions of shame and jealousy at age 19 (I knew exactly what those emotions were linked to) so released them and the statement was no longer true for my subconscious.
I am worthy of receiving the fruits of my efforts – this was untrue for my subconscious, our internal hard drive which governs everything we do, but was quickly turned around by releasing guilt trapped in my gallbladder. One very interesting point is that the gallbladder is linked with nausea which I had been feeling on and off for a few weeks.
I’m not good enough – was linked to the emotion overwhelm, through working with people on a daily basis for the past two years releasing emotions this is undoubtedly the one emotion that comes up most!
Nothing works out for me – was linked with feeling lost at 16 and over joy at 16, with this overjoy, I remember something happening that made me feel that life was going to be amazing, then I lost it very quickly afterwards, which completely linked with the belief that Nothing works out for me. That one incident totally changed the course of my life, It gave me huge motivation to go to the gym and get fit and to never be in that situation again, it had a very positive outcome that was driven by loss. Not all emotions are bad, we just don’t need the pain from the baggage of our past driving our future!
I can’t communicate – this came up and felt so true with the situation that triggered the physical and emotional response I was feeling. Again, I simply released the underlaying imbalance and felt so much more relaxed and like I could breathe again.
It is safe to be visible – This really struck a chord, so again, got rid of it! *Sigh of relief!
I will never get what I want – This was the final belief, after releasing more trapped emotions of ‘lost’ this one was also no longer true by the end.

I’d released everything! My body felt calm, I could breathe, the tension had gone and I felt really thankful that I had been able to release these blockages that were inhibiting me from doing the things I really want to spend my time doing! I know from years of experience that normally this would’ve knocked me off track for a day or two, I would’ve isolated myself a little, I would’ve read or researched anything health related, but would’ve felt wounded. After releasing these emotions and beliefs I felt unstoppable, grabbed my trainers and went for a wonderful run where I felt so strong and tall and fast in my body! I was delighted!

If you would like to book in for an Emotional Release Session (Emotion Code) just email me on or call me on +61 401 232 413 and we will get you booked in!

Have a beautiful day and wishing you health and happiness!

Love Aimie

Juices, Smoothies And Hello!!!

Ohhhhh, I just have to share with you my love of juices… I’ve spent this morning at a beautiful yoga class then made 2 litres of juice and a smoothie for myself today because that what my body craved! We’ve got carrot, apple, lemon, ginger and turmeric juice….mmmm soooo good! Smoothie wise is my favourite, celery, kale, lemon, banana and avocado, it is literally like drinking calmness!

I’m Aimie and this has not always been how I spent my time, 11 years ago I was sick, I was waiting for a terminal diagnosis, I was in Hospital every other week with Kidney infections, I’d lost control of my bladder, I had nerve damage in my back, my upper back was always so tight and painful, I had IBS, the most awful bloating and abdominal pain that would cause me to spend most of my time curled up in a ball, I could faint up to 4 times a day and my goal every day was to get back into bed, all while working as a Personal Trainer!

Now my life has totally transformed, I have tons of energy, my digestion feels amazing and I feel happy! My goal now is to help as many people as possible with what I’ve learnt over the last 11 years…

Firstly good nutrition is vital to feeling amazing! This is what caused my first massive shift in health, after just 3 months of no gluten, dairy or sugar and tons of probiotics, oregano oil, digestive enzymes and other things all symptoms had disappeared!

Then when we are not totally lacking in energy we can start to notice our thoughts, all of them, all 65,000 daily thoughts, 90% negative and 80% the same as yesterday… so great mental health is a must, understanding ourselves and having great strategies to stay happy, positive and totally accepting of others will give you a sense of ease in your days! Meditation, self inquiry, personal development and growth are all things I now do daily myself and with my clients.

Movement, Ohhhh how I love movement, the more we move in ways that feel amazing to us the more empowered, centred, strong and connected we feel! I’ve spent the past 18 years studying movement and the more I do the more passionate I am about the subject! Over the past 8 years I’ve immersed myself in Functional 3D movement, biomechanics and have felt amazing results myself and seen incredible results in my clients, in our Personal Training sessions, 3D Yoga and Functional Pilates !

Then there is Emotional Release through The Emotion Code and Body Code and Kinesiology that was the final missing piece of the puzzle! I was finding that 90% of my clients physical pain was alleviated through great nutrition, increased water and alkalinity and fantastic movement, but 10% saw no change, until we started releasing trapped emotions! I will continue to post case studies every month to share what is possible! For my my upper back was totally locked, no matter what i did movement wise it was always tight, now after releasing the trapped emotions it feels great, every day! My lock jaw that would be stuck for two weeks at a time, melted away in 5 minutes. I’ve been able to help my family relieve sciatica, migraines, hip pain, IBS and in one case to feel loved again… this really is magical!

If you want a positive shift in your life I provide Online Health Coaching, Fitness and Movement plans and Emotion Code and Body Code Sessions, get in touch, I’d love to meet you! My email is

Glass Bottles:

Have a beautiful day!

Love Aimie x x x

New Testimonial….

“I have been working with Aimie now for the last year now and I absolutely love the results that this work has given me! I feel so much better in myself, physically, mentally and emotionally and I have noticed profound changes, especially with my health and vitality. I was surprised at the start to see how much emotion has been stuck in my body yet time after time, the clearing of it has left me feeling more energetic, healthier, clearer and more in control. My time with Aimie, cleaning up these stuck emotions and unconscious beliefs, has created the space for me to fill myself with the emotions and beliefs that are supporting the results that I am now getting. Aimie is a phenomenal practitioner of this work, so kind, caring and wise. This work is invaluable and it will be something I continue to utilize over the course of my life”

Kate Trevillian

‘I Never Win’ was holding Adam back from his dream

I’ve just woken up to an incredible message, one of my amazing clients has just received the news that the business he has been trying to buy for 4 years has just informed him they are ready to make the deal today!

I’ve been working with Adam for 3 months now and we started releasing the imbalances causing physical pain in his back, his neck and his jaw, interestingly, these were all linked to trapped emotions he had inherited from his parents, after releasing all the blocked emotions his pain disappeared!

Ever since we’ve been working on getting his subconscious mind to believe positive statements, by releasing the blocked emotions that have inhibited them from being true to him.

Yesterday we had one of the most powerful sessions yet. A belief came up that ‘I never win’ Adam couldn’t believe it and told me about how he works so hard and does everything right, but he “NEVER WINS!!!”, so we released the blockages so that the statement was no longer true to him and his voice changed, he felt the difference in his body and mind and said with joy in his voice, ‘I always win!’ The shift had happened!

That brings us to today, the goal he had for 4 years has just become a reality! WOW!! How incredible is that! I am so excited to continue to see his life become more and more magical!

If you feel compelled to change your life right now please get in touch! This is life changing! Email me at

Have a magical day!

Love Aimie x x x